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So You Want to Support Camas Books?

The Camas Books & Infoshop is sustained by amazing people. Those you see behind the desk or hosting events and workshops are dedicated to keeping the store vibrant as a site of social change and engagement: we put a lot of extra time, energy and love into the effort.

Your support is important.

Yes. Covering the cost of running a radical, educational bookstore takes more than book sales. We also need help from you.

So what can you do?

1. Hang out in the Shop! Come by and get books, t-shirts and other merchandise from us.

This should be self-evident, but really, why not bring your coffee into Camas, check out what we have, let the kids play, and stay a little while? We even have wireless internet and will freely provide access to it, no questions asked!

2. Donate Your Books!

We are also interested in book donations! Phone to arrange a drop off at the space: 250-381-0585.

3. Set up a Fundraiser!

This is the type of project that we all can have a LOT of fun doing. Are you in a band, or do you make cool things, or have a really interesting idea you’d like to involve us with? Then let us know.

4. Attend Events and Meetings.

After participating in an event or attending a talk, feel free to throw a donation in the bucket.

5. Donate your time?

Camas cannot function without volunteers, so we need you to participate! Call, or stop by to ask about filling out a volunteer form.

6. Are you a teacher or a prof who wants to support the store?

Ask your students to purchase course-related books at Camas. If you provide us with a reading list, we can prepare for it. Contact us.

7. And Finally, make a Financial Donation

Please consider making a paypal donation to ensure our continued presence in the community. You can dedicate the money towards helping out with various projects or items, such as purchasing new inventory or helping with shipping costs from the U.S. Donate the amount you wish for one time only. 

Please consider making a donation by clicking here!

Or, why not consider setting up a recurring monthly "subscription" as a donation? 

Camas Recurring Donation

(Here is the paypal fee agreement.)


Or... send us well concealed cash, cheque, money order. Pay us a visit, or mail it to:

Camas Books & Infoshop
2620 Quadra St.
Victoria, BC
V8T 4E4
Lekwungen Territory

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