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The Art of Micheal Woestenburg

Michael Woestenburg is originally from Surrey and has been on the Island here in Victoria for a short time. Though contending with a disability, through opportunities here in Victoria, Michael decided to take it upon himself to re-establish his life as an artist. Michael is a self-taught artist with a brief education and training in fine arts and graphic design, but his mother, an Ojibway and fine artist herself, has been a major influence in his life through practise and discussion. No true single artistic influence stands out for Michael, as he has a varied range of interests and influences from geek culture, animation, literature and art in all its forms, as well as engineering and science.

Being mixed race of two distinct cultures, Dutch from his father’s side and Ojibway from his mother’s side, Michael hopes to be situated in life that will allow him incorporate both art and culture of his background into a unique form.





Camas Books and Infoshop is pleased to acknowledge the support of the CRD Arts Development Service in the production of this exhibition series.

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In addition to being open EVERY DAY, there are also many extra-curricular happenings at the store. Be sure to check out our calendar for more information, and drop by for workshops, special guest speakers, and much more.

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